Discover Delicious Delights at the Best Austin Fried Chicken Restaurant and More

Discover Delicious Delights at the Best Austin Fried Chicken Restaurant and More

Century South in Austin is a culinary destination that promises an exceptional dining experience. If you’re a fan of mouthwatering Austin fried chicken, look no further than Century South. Indulge in a delectable journey of flavors at Kentucky Fried Chicken and savor the tantalizing offerings from Tucci’s Southside Subs and Gatti’s Pizza. Stop by today to enjoy delicious fried chicken and more at Century South: 

The Most Irresistible Austin Fried Chicken

Prepare your taste buds for a truly unforgettable experience at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Known for their fried chicken that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a feast of flavors that will leave you craving more. Whether you prefer classic chicken tenders or crave a spicy kick with their Hot & Spicy chicken, each bite is delicious. From spicy chicken sandwiches to wings and more, they have it all! Stop by today to enjoy the best Austin fried chicken at Popeyes.

A Sub Sandwich Sensation

Head to Tucci’s Southside Subs to enjoy a light lunch! Indulge in their mouthwatering submarine sandwiches, carefully crafted with the finest ingredients. From classic deli meats to savory cheeses and fresh vegetables, Tucci’s Southside Subs offers diverse flavors to satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself to a delectable sub that’s packed with taste and made to perfection. Explore their sides, like Black & White Cookies, chips, pickles and more!

Gatti’s Pizza – A Slice of Pizza Paradise

Gatti’s Pizza at Century South is your go-to destination if you’re in the mood for pizza that never disappoints. Delight in their delectable pizzas crafted with a crispy crust, tomato sauce, and many mouthwatering toppings. From classic favorites like pepperoni and cheese to specialty pizzas, Gatti’s Pizza offers a slice of pizza paradise. Indulge in the ultimate pizza experience at Century South with Gatti’s Pizza.

Delicious restaurants await you at Century South! Looking for more delicious food in Austin? Check out our directory today!

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